Victoria Street from Hood Street looking north

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Circa 1885
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On the left side of Victoria Street is the Waikato Times building. To the right of this building is a small shed. Next to this is a bank, probably the Union Bank of Australia. Beyond the bank is the Italian Warehouse, an ironmongery and earthenware depot. On the side of this building the words 'Refreshment Rooms' are painted. Beyond this is S. Tucker, who was a grocer. The building with at least five chimneys is the wooden Commercial Hotel on the corner of Victoria and Collingwood streets. In the on each side of the street are two board signs. They are railway crossing signs. On the right-hand side of the street, the two-storey building with the awning over the footpath is Hatrick's drapery. The large building with verandas and a large lamp light is Gwynne's Hamilton Hotel. There is large flagpole in front of the hotel and telegraph wires are visible.
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