H. & J. Court Ltd. window display

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01 Aug 1967
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Display announcing the store's Spring collection for 1967 in "Fiesta Colours". This image shows two mannequins in sleeveless shifts, one in yellow background with floral motifs with a rolled collar at the neck also wearing a hat. The second in a fawn, brown, avocado and yellow shift hemmed above the knee. Both carry a handbag & gloves. A third mannequin is in a harlequin costume of magenta & lime green diamond pattern with a high neckline and a large tinsel headdress suggesting harlequin or jester hat. Floor is strewn with triangles of coloured card surmounted with ladies accessories & toiletries including hats, umbrella, stockings, talcum powder, perfume & shoes.
Secondary production person and role
L Reynolds
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