The first Hamilton 'Round the Bridges' race.

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25 Aug 1945
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The competitors in the first named 'Round the Bridges' race. The famous coach Arthur Lydiard came in second. The first Hamilton runner home came in fourth. This followed a run including several Auckland clubs in 1944 which traversed the two bridges of the time.
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Superbe document. Winners 1 Arnold Darroch (Calliope) 41:17 (7 or 7,5 mi?), 2 Arthur Lydiard (Lynndale) 41:41, 3 Ron Crabbe (Calliope) 41:54 ... isn't Lydiard the uttermost right man in the first row (kneeling)? Or the third guy from the right in the upper row (standing)? I have the first "Round the Bridges" for 1944 (August 26), 1 Noel Stanyer (Lynndale) 25:00 (4,5 mi), 2 E. K. Trow (Hamilton) 25:35, 3 Arthur Lydiard (Lynndale) 26:04, ... - so 1945 would have been the 2nd edition?

- Richard Hering

Posted on 17-04-2021 14:05:30