West town belt - panorama 3

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This image shows much of the portion of the West Town Belt that has since become part of Hamilton Girls' High School. Like the other panoramas, this photograph has been taken from the Frankton water tower near the top of Lake Road. The street running along the centre of the image is Hill Street. In 1909 section 12 was taken under the Public Works Act, 1908, for a public school. Hamilton High School opened in 1911 and you can see the first buildings on the left. It wasn't long before the school needed more land for more buildings. In 1913 the Hamilton High School Reserve Act vested four more sections - 13, 13A, 14, and 14A - in the Board of Governors of Hamilton High School with the condition that the school build on the land within seven years. If they did not, the land could revert to the Crown. Little new building occurred, possibly due to lack of funds, but in 1919 the school received a letter from the Department of Education saying that the whole of the school site was now vested with its Board of Governors.
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