Hamilton architects: excerpts of recordings from the Hamilton Architects Oral History Project

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Career choice and education, women architects and attitudes to women, the government architect, the Ministry of Works, the Education Board, Waikato Hospital Board, architects from an engineer's perspective, clients, architects in Hamilton, and present day architecture. Architects speaking in this project: Laura Kellaway, Aubrey de Lisle, Mary de Lisle, Michael Vincent Graves, Rod Smith, Frank Irvine "Andy" Anderson, Vaclovas "Vic" Procuta, Adam Mercer, John Warwick Kellaway, Shirley Penfold, Geoff Mardon, Arthur Edward Hill, Stephen Victor Mrkusic, David Alan Sayers, Tom Flood, Rosemary Mercer, Errol Care-Cottrell, Alan MacDonald, John Griffiths.
This Oral History is not currently available online. Please contact the Whakaputu team via heritage@hcc.govt.nz to arrange access to this interview.
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