Victoria Street

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01 Feb 1938
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Viewed south showing: Hooker & Kingston; Alexandra Buildings; Hannahs Building; Hawkers Building; ?; Howden building; Bettley's building; ?; Barton & Ross; Bank of New Zealand (Hood St intersects), Hamilton Building. A new experimental pedestrian crossing in the foreground is watched over by a traffic officer. Cars line up along Victoria St waiting for the allclear. Pedestrian crossings were being trialled by Hamilton Borough Council. At the time, Victoria Street was the through route of State Highway 1. Photo is dated (approximately) from Auckland Star photograph 2 February 1938, showing 'Belisha Beacons'. Later the black cross on white disc gave way to the now common amber (orange) flashing light or coloured disc. Crossings were in place on morning of 3 December 1937. 'Belisha beacons' (Ak Star) were added in 1938.
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