Pascoe's Corner, Garden Place c. 1939

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Circa 1939
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Pascoe's Corner'. Note the small building to the rear of Pascoe's - see HCL_03885 - which shows the replacement structure (probably built sometime between 1936 and 1939 at which time this structure would have been demolished). This building has sign: "Hamilton Car Sales Maurice R Andrew"s and beneath that, "SIGNS". Above Pascoe's is the Wattle Grill & Tearooms. The building at this point was "Frear's Building" - Pascoe's purchased it from Frear. Hanging from the corner of Pascoe's canopy is a bus stop sign. A mid-1930s Vauxhall adorns the foreground. The motor car at the right of the angle parked cars on the opposite side of the street is the (possibly) Ford v8-60 of 1935/36 vintage.
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