The Carlton restaurant and Mums Lunch Bar

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The Carlton restaurant in High Street, Frankton. Signs on the walls and windows advertise Fish and chips, sausages, chickens, rolls, hamburgers, sandwiches, Cola-Cola, Leed, and take-aways. At the right is Mums Lunch Bar which is in the same building. There is a litter bin with a tidy Kiwi bird symbol, wooden electric light pole and phone booth outside the lunch bar.
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Gees i remember the Carlton, only place we ever got our takeaways, picture theatre and snooker room was to the right going to ward the Frankton hotel, always open till late and had one of the first pinball machines in there, if you were a railway worker the Carlton was always the call

- Brent Borell

Posted on 23-05-2020 09:22:12